A lightweight C mime library

What is libcmime?

libcmime is a lightweight mime library, written in C. It attempts to be a general library for parsing and creating mime email messages and is designed to provide an easy to use and easy to integrate interface for developers. libcmime is a pretty fresh project so the library is still in beta state and there will be early and frequent releases.

Getting libcmime

You can download the sources at Development is done using Git

$ git clone git://

System requirements

For proper compilation and functionality of libcmime, the following packages are REQUIRED:

Install from source

libcmime uses cmake instead of the autotools "configure" script. Cmake normally uses a separate build directory - follow these steps to configure, build and install this package from source:

tar xvfz libcmime-<VERSION>.tar.gz
cd libcmime-<VERSION>
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ../ <configure parameters>
make install

Some systems require unusual options for compilation or linking that the 'cmake' script does not know about. Run './cmake -h' for details on some of the pertinent environment variables. You can give 'cmake' initial values for configuration parameters by setting variables in the command line or in the environment. Here is an example:

./cmake ../ -DPREFIX:STRING=/usr/local

Instead of defining parameters on the command line you can also create a ""-file in the source of libcmime and define your configuration parameters there. Here is an example for a ""-file:

set(PREFIX /opt)

By default, 'make install' installs the library under '/usr/local/lib' and the include files under '/usr/local/include'.

Mailing lists

The developers mailing list ( is used for discussions and questions about development with libcmime.


libcmime is released under the MIT license.